Major Points of Consideration in Buying Pet Beds

Are you too fond of your couch or sofa that you would do anything to prevent it from being drooled over by your beloved dog or shed with cat hairs? Of course, you can always train your pet to avoid sleeping on your furniture but you can do better than that. You can buy your pet its very own bed.

You will give your pet its own personal space by providing it with a pet bed. As such, anytime your pet wants to sleep or relax without disturbance, it can always count on its own pet bed without bothering with your furniture anymore. In terms of health issues, dog beds are also very good for old pets with arthritis and joints or hip problems. Pet beds can also be insulated well enough to make it very cozy for your pet.

If you are looking for the best pet bed, here are the following points to consider:

1.#Size – make sure that you choose a pet bed that would suit very well not only to the actual size of your pet but also to its maximum size when in sleeping position. Remember, a dog or cat can stretch a lot during sleep, longer than their actual size. Also, if your pet is still young and has a lot of potential of growing large in size, consider adding an allowance in choosing its bed, unless you are thinking of just buying a bigger one once it has reached its maximum size.

2.#Materials – pet beds made of micro-velvet fabric are the most advisable because this fabric can repel dirt, moisture and pet hairs. This kind of material can be cleaned easily. Remember to buy an extra sheet also, for when the other sheet is in the washer.

3.#Room temperature – remember that your pet needs to be comfortable that is usually why they want to sleep on your furniture. If it is not permitted, they resort to sleeping in the carpet for comfort but this would not suffice. In addition, your carpet would end up with a lot of pet hair and would be quite hard to remove. During winter season, dog beds with thermal heating are your best bet to make sure that your pet would be cozy and warm. During summer though, cooling beds are the best thing against the summer heat.

Other things to consider are the fillings of the bed, health situation and age of your pet and the actual place where the pet bed will be used.